Did you know A Decaying Pool Can Decrease The Value of Your Home by 17%?

We’ve Removed 37 Pools in the past 6 months -100% of Them Came in Under Budget!

Owning a Swimming Pool Comes At a Price 

  • Cost of maintenance
  • High electricity bills
  • Repair costs
  • Health and safety concerns
  • Keeping compliant with council regulations

Electricity costs = $825.55 per year

(Cost calculated on a 0.75HP pool pump motor with a running time of 10 hours in Summer 7 hours off peak, 3 hours Shoulder and 1 hours of peak time. 5 hours in Winter 5 hours off peak time an approximate total of 2188 kWh used and 2319 kg CO2 Greenhouse emissions. If you are running your pump for 24 hours or have a larger pump you will be using 3 x more in usage. Pool heating and spa jets will also increase the yearly electricity consumption)

Water consumption

Perth’s water consumption cost is around $2.041 per 1,000 litres of water used. Water evaporation is big on water consumption also depending on the condition of your pool or if you have a small hole or crack in it or just a small pin leak in on of your pipe work you can be loosing 1000’s of litres per year.
We all know water is precious and ever drop counts One drip per second can waste up to 7,000 Litres of water per year. A leaking pool will not only waste water and money but can also undermine the foundation of the pool and surrounding area.

Property devaluation

Potential buyers might love your home but not the pool, this means their offer will be a lot less then your asking price.


Depending on what chemicals you are using and how often then pool is being used its around $200 p.a

Your time is money too!

Another big one is the cost of maintaining council safety regulations. Up to 85% of existing pools would not pass new regulations. And if the council deems your pool is one of them, you can expect a hefty fine in the mail, plus the upgrade cost.

Now, if you and your family use your pool frequently, these costs may be an acceptable trade-off. However, if your pool is rarely being used, you may as well be flushing your money down the toilet.

Let me ask: How frequently is your pool used?

If the answer is “not very often”, pool removal is a viable option.

Pool removal can be a very fast and inexpensive solution for getting rid of an unwanted swimming pool… eliminating all the cost and headaches once and for all.

Common Reasons People Remove Their Pool:

  • To avoid the costly maintenance
  • To avoid the costly repairs
  • Because you intend to sub-divide your property
  • You want to regain your backyard
  • You’re thinking of selling your house (a decrepit pool can reduce the value of your house by up to 17%… even a well maintained pool can turn buyers off because they don’t want to front the ongoing costs

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