How Much Does Excavation Cost?

How Much Does Excavation Cost?

How Much Does Excavation Cost?


Excavation is an essential component of building or renovation projects. Often, making improvements to the landscaping in your property, installing a swimming pool, adding a new structure or making repairs and replacements to an existing feature in your house will first require the removal of the soil on the ground. Only when this is completed can the next steps be effectively started.


As with any other phase of a building or renovation project, excavating materials can be a costly endeavour. If you’re wondering how much does excavation cost, it’s best to keep in mind that there are several factors that can influence the price of the work to be done. Here are some of these factors to help you determine what the costs will ultimately be:


The type of material to be excavated

Different properties being built or renovated may have different subsurface materials that need to be removed. Some soil types may be easier to excavate than others due to their composition. It’s safe to say that soil that contains plenty of rocks or mixtures of other materials that are difficult to remove from the area may require equipment that are different from those used on properties with soil that is easier to remove. Utilising special machinery will mean higher costs for the excavation project.


The method of removing and disposing of the materials

If the soil needs to be disposed of, it will be brought to a facility meant for just such a purpose. The distance between your property and this facility will add to the excavation costs, as well as the manner of handling the materials and any licences or permits that need to be obtained to make the transport to the facility possible.


The number of workers and the type of excavation equipment used

Excavation jobs typically involve the use of machineries such as bulldozers, excavators, backhoes and loaders. Of course, you will also need to hire tradespeople who are experienced in operating these machines and performing the necessary work, so don’t forget to factor this in when considering the cost of the excavation.


The possibility of reusing excavated materials

Not everything about excavation needs to be about shelling out money