Learning All About Concrete Swimming Pools

Learning All About Concrete Swimming Pools

Learning All About Concrete Swimming Pools

Most people love basking in the warmth of the sun and will often think nothing of engaging in activities in the great outdoors (especially in Australia, where the natural surroundings are truly a sight to behold). But on days when the sun beats down especially hard on anyone who happens to be in the open, there’s nothing more appealing than retreating to a place where they can cool off. It could be any one of the Land Down Under’s famous beaches, or it could be right in your own backyard, where a gorgeous swimming pool invites you to take a refreshing dip and just lounge around in the waters to escape the blistering heat.

If your heart’s set on having an in-ground swimming pool installed in your own home, it’s important to keep in mind that there are two kinds that you can choose from: concrete pools and fibreglass pools. And while fibreglass pools may be the relatively more affordable variety, you may be happy to discover that concrete pools can offer you more in terms of quality and value for money.

To help you start learning all about concrete swimming pools before you make this significant investment for your home, check out the brief guide provided below.

What are the advantages you can expect from selecting a concrete pool?

Durability. As it’s made with concrete, a concrete pool will have lower risks of sustaining leaks, stains or tears compared to vinyl liner pools, and this makes them the preferred pool variety for use in apartment complexes or hotels.

Easy customisation. Your idea of a perfect swimming pool may be different from that of your neighbour’s, so it’s best to choose a swimming pool option that will allow you to design it in a way that meets your specific needs. You may have a particular shape in mind, for example, to ensure that the pool’s appearance is in sync with the aesthetic sensibilities of your home. Maybe your household has kids, so you’d appreciate a pool with a certain area that’s safe for young swimmers. Or perhaps you entertain guests on a regular basis and a waterfall would make a stunning, extra-special feature that will amp up the beauty of your space. Concrete pools can be constructed with your ideas of its ideal size, shape and design in mind.

Hassle-free cleanup. Regular cleaning must be performed to maintain the good condition of the people, and this can be done through simple methods.

Concrete pools with a concrete lining will typically require scraping with a wire bristle brush to get rid of algae and dirt from the pool’s floor and walls. Once all the debris has settled, you can use a pool vacuum cleaner to remove it.

In the case of tile-lined concrete pools, regular household tile cleaner can be used for scrubbing the pool. The use of chlorine also helps in removing stains.

For a more thorough and professional cleanup of tough stains, an acid wash is recommended instead of pressure washing, which can cause peeling in the base of the pool (and is costly to repair). Acid washing must be performed by experienced pool specialists