Driveway Removal Perth

Driveway Removal Perth

Driveway Removal – Perth Property Owners’ Checklist Of Tasks Involved

Driveways offer both aesthetic and functional benefits. However, there are circumstances wherein they have to be removed. Perhaps, you’re planning to expand your house and you’ll need additional space. Or maybe, you can better utilise the plot of land where the driveway is currently placed as a part of your property’s landscape or garden.

Driveway removal, Perth residents should know, is not a simple process. It requires the performance of several key steps. Here are some of the steps and requirements needed in order to perform this job well.

Before work actually starts, it is imperative to consult with local authorities in order to inspect the proposed project area. Once the approval of the local council has been given, the next step to undertake is to make sure that the project area has no underground cables, pipes or any other similar infrastructure placed underneath by utility companies. This will help prevent unnecessary service disruption.

Once the necessary permits and approvals have been secured, the next order of business would be finding the appropriate tools and equipment to use. This is particularly important if you opt to perform the driveway removal by yourself or with a little help from your friends. In order to perform the removal of the driveway more conveniently, you’ll need a skid loader, including a jackhammer attachment, a loader, a handheld jackhammer and a backhoe. If you do not know how to properly operate heavy equipment, you can contract this job out to the experts.

Once the top layer (brick, concrete, asphalt, etc.) has been removed, the additional layers beneath, which are utilised both to cushion the uppermost layer and provide drainage for the driveway, will also have to be removed. This excess dirt, along with the topmost layer, need to be disposed of properly to be recycled or placed in a landfill.

Here at Martelletti Contracting, we offer a diverse number of services that can make the driveway removal process easier and more convenient for you. We can perform the task for you, allowing you to save time and effort which you can allocate for other tasks. Alternatively, we can provide you a variety of services to aid you in this project should you wish to perform it by yourself. These services include bobcat and truck hire, lawn removal, concrete removal and even the provision of skip bins where you can easily dispose of the debris from your project.