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About Clean Fill Commonly Asked Questions

About Clean Fill – Perth Residents’ Commonly Asked Questions, Answered


You’ve probably driven around town and noticed signs advertising “Free Clean Fill.” But what exactly are these signs advertising?


Clean fill, Perth residents ought to know, refers to a type of filling material, usually the by-product of earthworks , which is free from harmful contaminants that may cause corrosion, combustion or may contain radioactive materials. Simply put, this type of fill does not pose harm to the environment and to people. Apart from dirt, clean fill may include any of these items (or a combination of): clay, sand, gravel and even concrete materials. Clean fill is usually given away for free; this eliminates the need to find a suitable location to dispose of the dirt. Additionally, the person or company giving away the dirt does not have to pay a single cent to move the dirt away from the site.


When they see signs that say “Clean Fill Wanted ,” Perth locals should know that this type of fill could be used for a variety of purposes. Clean fill is used for both residential and commercial construction projects. It can be used to stabilise a foundation, fill up holes, to aid landscaping efforts, and to modify the slope of a particular area on a property.


If the thought of getting something for free sounds great to you, you may have to think twice before accepting any other type of fill on your property. First, not all types of fill are deemed safe for people and the environment and accepting these can endanger you and the environment. Furthermore, you might be slapped a hefty fine and you may have to shell out a substantial amount of money for clean up.


Before you accept any offer for a free fill, make sure that you check with the local council and get the necessary permits and approvals. Typically, the local council will send someone to check whether the fill is indeed clean and will not cause pollution to an area.


For your protection, do not just accept free fill offered by someone you do not know. Ask for proof of identity and other pertinent details about the person or entity offering the free fill. If you are not careful, your free fill may end up costing you more than you bargained for. If possible, let a professional have a look at the fill that is being offered to you. Alternatively, you can ask for proof from the supplier, which vouches for the quality of the fill that is being offered to you.

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