Can A Fibreglass Swimming Pool Pop Out Of The Ground?

Can A Fibreglass Swimming Pool Pop Out Of The Ground?

Can A Fibreglass Swimming Pool Pop Out Of The Ground?


In Australia, where temperatures can soar and leave even the most weather-resilient locals seeking relief from the sun’s harsh rays, going for a swim in any of the country’s splendid beaches is truly a refreshing sensation. But for those who cannot readily drive off to the nearest available  beach, the next best thing is to take a quick dip in a swimming pool — preferably, one that’s installed in their own backyard.


Different pools for different folks

If you’re interested in having your own swimming pool installed within your property, you should take note that there are three different types you can choose from: concrete pools, vinyl liner pools, and fibreglass pools.


Each type has its own advantages. A concrete pool can take on whatever shape, size or depth that you want it to have, and you can have more freedom in terms of the designs that you can incorporate into it.


A vinyl liner pool, on the other hand, comes with the lowest initial cost among these three types of inground pools. It is also virtually limitless when it comes to design customisations, and because the vinyl liner is smooth, non-abrasive and non-porous, the surface does not encourage the growth of algae.


And then there are fibreglass pools, which have a gel coat surface that is as smooth and non-porous as the vinyl liner pool. It comes with little or even no lifetime cost, it is manufactured in a controlled factory climate, and because it is already built upon arriving at your property, installation is done in the least amount of time (about three to five weeks on average).


The myth of the floating fibreglass pool

If you’re leaning more toward having a fibreglass pool installed, then you may have come across some curious myths regarding this type while doing research on it. You’re probably curious to know: Can a fibreglass swimming pool pop out of the ground?


While contractors that specialise in installing concrete or vinyl liner pools may strongly promote their products over fibreglass pools and may mention this myth when making their sales pitches, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who has actually seen a fibreglass pool pop out of or float from the ground.


Some specialists, however, say that such an event is technically possible (as would be the case with any watertight object that has more water underneath it than inside it), but only under very specific circumstances, which can easily be avoided.


A fibreglass swimming pool can float, ONLY if:


  • The pool is drained
  • The water under the pool creates upward pressure
  • There is no water inside the pool


However, fibreglass pools do not come with liners and do not ever require resurfacing, so there is never a need to drain the pool. So generally, if these circumstances are avoided, there would be no possibility of your expertly installed fibreglass swimming pool popping out of your backyard — and you can swim and frolic in the water without worrying about your safety.